CHRISTmas in India

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Hello from India! I am so excited and thankful to Ann for this opportunity to guest post on Stringer Mama in this Christmas season.

This year our family will be celebrating our fourth Christmas together, but this is the first time our sons understand the reason behind the season. Our four-year-old triplets are finally old enough to understand that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Here’s the back story.

According to the 2001 census, Hinduism accounted for 80.5% of the population in India, Islam 13.4% and Christianity a mere 2.3% (Source: Wikipedia). The months of September & October especially have numerous Hindu festivals being celebrated in India. So, when the boys were asked to speak on their favorite festival in their playschool's show & tell, we chose to teach them the story behind Christmas. They used this picture from their Bible to recite the story to their peers and teachers.

It made us proud as parents to hear our sons share about Jesus to their peers from other religions who did not know Jesus. When we dedicated our boys to the Lord, to be used for His glory, little did we know they would start at age 4. When they sing praises at home or tell their classmates at school that Jesus was born on Christmas because He loves us, our hearts burst with pride.

But then we look up and we see how much more pleased our heavenly Father is at the innocent faith of our boys for
 “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise” (Matthew 21:16).

A little about Sheena: 
Hi, I’m Sheena from South India. I’m an ex-software engineer whose life turned upside down when I gave birth to triplets. I am currently a stay-at-home wife and mother learning everyday to let God work in me to be a better Christian, wife & mother. You can find me on Facebook and at my blog An Imperfect Life.

Thank you Sheena, for your testimony of your sons sharing the story of Christmas in their school! That is so exciting! And how precious to a mama's heart! 

May I encourage you to take the initiative and ask your children to tell the story of Christmas to someone they know? Maybe it's Grandma or Grandpa, maybe it's to some friends at school. Maybe you need to share the story of Christmas to someone you know! Make it a tradition all year round, and not just at CHRISTmas! 

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  1. Ann, thank you for introducing us to Sheena and her family in India! Wow, it is had to imagine triplets, but we had a just turned 2 y.o. when our twins were born. It is such an opportunity to share the love of Christ with others when our children are young...there is something so winsome and heart-melting to have a child share that we need a Savior! I will visit her blog to tell her thank you!! I so appreciate you coming to share your wise words of exhortation for there are many who come to read and it is my fervent prayer that something they see will be a fruitful seed. Grace and blessings to you, friend!


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