Repurposing an Old Sheet

 After being stained by black permanent marker and an explosive poopy diaper, the rip in my fitted bedsheet was the final straw and my sheets were retired. But I had an idea! I know it has been done before but I felt like a GENIUS when I realized that my crummy sheets could be used to make something AWESOME! So I stripped them. Literally. 

It was SUPER easy! I flipped on a Netflix and sat down with my scissors and went to town! First cut the elastic band off of the edges and pull the elastic out of the strip to be used for something else. 

Cut the elastic off the fitted sheet and pull it out

Then cut a small snip following the threads about an inch apart and pull and tear it! Easy Peasy! I rolled the scraps into balls - I just added strip onto strip. I didn't tie them together. 

I'm waiting for Christmas to come and when my Christmas lights come out of their box - I am SOOOO doing this! Can't you picture this with all white? Soooo pretty! 

I'm also thinking about making (yet another!) wreath but maybe in the shape of an S for our name. 

I think this next idea is genius! I'll never be in a bind for valances again! I'm thinking about doing this for my daughters' room! Only in PINK! I definitely have TONS of pink fabric I could use! 

Oh and the elastic - wrinkled edge? Sooo going to use this to make pretty flowers on pillows or something!

BUT in the meantime - I don't want to work on these projects YET sooo 
So now they are on my piano - sitting pretty! 

In HIS Grip, 


  1. love the valance idea! we just upgraded from a full to a queen, so we have a few sheet sets I could work with. :o)

  2. These ideas are awesome! I especially like the wreath and the mini-lights. Now I won't be so bummed if my kids have an "accident." :-)

  3. WHY have I not though about re-purposing sheets for anything besides curtains?? lol...I never thought about reusing the elastic either! Great ideas. I so want to do that garland :) Thanks for the inspiration

  4. I thinking you could also use old sheets to make those pretty gathered cord covers that everyone is using. I have a nice top sheet I could use. Of course this would involve sewing. I wish I had seen your post before I threw out the worn bottom fitted sheet.


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