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Alrighty all! I'm BACK! I took a little reprieve from blogging so my new home and new baby would fall into the cycle of our life and lo and behold I woke up this morning with a few blogging ideas so that means I'm BACK! Yay! So I'm posting a Few of My Faves a little early (usually I wait til Friday) so you'll have time to come up with your own list of favorites and join in on the fun! So obviously, I have new baby on the brain so here is a list of my Fave Gear for nursing! I nursed my first 2 kids for their first full year and learned a few things.

1. A healthy dose of "I CAN and WILL do this! Trust me, those first couple of weeks I have always needed a mindset of dedication to the whole concept of nursing! It's hard, it's tiring and it's PAINFUL! At least it always was for me!

2. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads - I've tried them all including my own homemade ones and these can't be beat! Trust me so worth the money and they are the most expensive option out there but it's WORTH it!

Yes, video gaming! :0)
3. Nursing pillow - I actually thought of doing a Fave list just for my nursing pillow! I use a Boppy for LOTS of things for my little one! It's great for nursing obviously, but tummy time becomes a joy for my baby instead of a cry-fest. It also works great for holding a baby all snug and cradled. I've used it when my babies have had colds to keep them elevated while sleeping (gasp! I know, nothing in the bed to sleep, but sometimes you just do what you have to do.) And my hubby figured out another cool use for the Boppy but I'll let the pic explain THAT one!

4. Nursing cape - When you and Baby are first getting comfortable with nursing keeping a blanket in place can be a struggle so this thing comes in HANDY! And then it comes in handy once again when your baby is a little older and doesn't LIKE to be under the blanket and wants to see the world. When mommy doesn't WANT the WORLD to see!

5. Soothies - Once again a help for beginning to nurse and when you are ready to quit because of soreness - I always ask for a pair of these in the hospital and they are wonderful! Throw them in the fridge and they become your best friend really quick!

6. Dressing/Changing rooms - I figured this out when I had my second child. I would go shopping and sure enough baby would need to nurse NOW and I had a cart half full of stuff and more to buy. So I grab my cart and truck it to the dressing rooms and there's a spot to sit (usually - I have sat on the floor before tho!) and privacy and a DOOR to keep your other little ones close by and workers will leave your cart right there and not take it away. This is SOOOO much better than going back out to the car or to the bathroom - which personally I just can't do. A friend of mine told me once to just go sit on the toilet and nurse. Doesn't work for me!

7. A Pump. I have a Medela Pump and I am SOOO thankful for it! I actually don't use it very often but in the first few days when my milk is coming in, engorgement is extremely painful. So when I can't take it any more or when it interrupts ability to sleep well (usually the case for me) I feed my baby and then pump until I'm completely comfortable. Then I take note of the milk I pumped (make sure to store it!) and decrease the amount I pump by an ounce or two each day so my body will still learn how to regulate milk supply. This has worked the best for me because I have been one of those blessed women who never has to worry about milk supply.

Well, there you go! That's what I've got for nursing gear! Now feel free to link up your list of Faves and link back to my list. They can be a list of anything that are favorites of yours. You can also feel free to use the button - just copy and paste - nothing fancy. Can't wait to read them!

Oh and guess what, I'm ALMOST ready to start posting pics of before and after pics of our new home! Yay! Then you'll COMPLETELY understand why I took a blogging reprieve! ;-)
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  1. Hey, the Boppy really does do a good job with the video gaming. Don't knock it before you try it. Don't get on me just because I thought of it first! :)



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