39 weeks
Tomorrow I leave at 4am for the hospital to be induced.

Tomorrow I will hold my baby.

Yes, I'm scared. Not an overpowering fear or anything but it's there, that little niggling "what if" in the back of my mind wondering if all will go well.

I'm wondering if I will be able to do it. I'm wondering if my child will be healthy. I'm taking nothing for granted because I know that everything may NOT be completely perfect. After losing my last baby, that has not just become a knowledge, but an experience.

But I serve a Perfect God. And He is in control, not me. I am so thankful for this because even though I am afraid, I also have this peace throughly mixed into it knowing that all will be pleasing in His sight.

So I am really excited about tomorrow despite the little fears, I'm excited to become a family of 5 (Oh my goodness!). I'm excited to hold a little one again as MUCH as I want! I'm excited to see my baby's face for the first time and stare at that little face forever. I'm excited about NOT being PREGNANT any more! I'm excited to become a mommy again. I love being a mom and I could not ask for a better job! So my excitement definitely outweighs my fears. But bloggy friends, please be praying for me and this little one as we go on this adventure in the morning!
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  1. The Lord holds it all! Praying for you, baby & hubby too. {I've been induced before. I prefer going on my own, though it doesn't always work that way.} Hang in there. :0) You will be lifted up in prayer!

    Much Love & Blessings,
    Our Simple Country Life

  2. Definitely praying for blessings and that it all goes well. ;) SO EXCITED for you. Enjoy your baby-moon.

  3. Yeah! Happy Baby Day! That was always my favorite part of every pregnance, despite the nerves. I was induced 4X with one C-section. I love the predictability of induction, minus the pitosen(sp?)So happy for you! Corah and I prayed for you and your family. Can't wait to see pictures!! Love ya!


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