Kids Baths: No Longer a COMPLETE Nightmare!

My kids HATE baths. Ever since Aimee could sit up she has hated baths. Cody was quick to follow. I think it's genetic because I hate getting water in my face and ears too. It has gotten so bad in the past that we would not bathe the kids anywhere then at our own home because it sounds like we are abusing our kids! We also had to make sure our windows were always shut because you could hear it down the street! I know, HORRIBLE! They aren't scared of water - they love swimming pools and simply playing in the bath but they HATE getting clean! It becomes a goal every time I give the kids a bath to go tear free. It hasn't happened yet. BUT we have come up with some ways to REDUCE the tears! I figure I'm probably not the only mom out there whose kids hate their baths (I hope not anyway!). So here are some ideas that maybe you've already figured out but I wish I knew all of these from the beginning! 

1. Preparation - I HAVE to warn my kids of the upcoming bath time. If I don't the tears start at the beginning of the bath and don't stop til the end. 

2. Play time is always FIRST. That way the first part of the bath is predictably enjoyable for them and they don't completely DREAD getting INTO the tub. 

3. Shampoo goes on DRY hair. I am SO glad I started this trick! I put the soap on dry hair then I get my hands wet and gently scrub the soap then re-wet my hands until I have a nice lathered head. Then I let the lather sit. So far NO TEARS! By the way, my kids have dry hair so I don't use the kids shampoo - I use moisturizing shampoo for adults and my Homemade Hair detangler then I don't have to use a conditioner. Rinsing kept to one time is a MUST!

4. Then I lather up the rest of them. I use Avon's roll-on soap paint and the kids love them! I give these to the kids while I'm lathering up their heads.

5. ONE rinse as quickly as possible - I talk to my kids and tell them that it's time to rinse their heads and I know they don't like it but they need to be brave and it will be over soon. Then I tell them to look at the sun (one of those bath sticker toys) stuck high on the tub wall and cover their ears. I rinse quickly with a cup and with my hand over their eyes and head so very little water goes into their face. Trust me, I accomplish not getting water in their faces pretty much every time but they still are scared to death of it. Singing songs and talking can distract them from the water but usually the fear wins.  

6. Bath time is over and now it's time for hugs - yup we always get tears in that last step. So we get towel hugs until the tears stop. 

7. Before they get completely dry, I lather on the lotion while they are still damp. This is a step I always wish I knew about. My kids can develop eczema patches if I DON'T do this and this prevents them so much that they haven't had it in a couple of years. While the lotion is soaking into their skin, I wrap them up in towels and comb hair and gather clothes. 

8. Bath done - at least til next time! 

So there you go! That's what I've learned about my kids bathtime. Do you have any tricks that you do with your kids baths? Or do you have those kids I've only heard about that when you pour water over their heads they say "do it again mom!" Ahhh dreams! :0) 
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  1. My munchkins are the opposite! :-)they LOVE bath time. And showers for the.most part jasmine and collin hate getting their.faces wet but not as bad as your munchkins. I've learned over the years like u to let them play especially splash. This way if they get wet its their fault and they learn that getting wet can be fun. Our kids are 4,3,2,&1 avery and collin bathe together and jasmine and coda together. If they get a shower its.the older three and cora gets a bath. Give them a cup each to dump water onto their tummy, arms, legs to get used to the feeling. Also i'd try working with if they have any sensory issues; like smearing pudding on their cheeks so they get used to the cold wet texture. :-) melissa ryan

  2. Wow, I thought my kids were bad! They hate getting water in their eyes too, but for the most part, bath time is a good time. ISaac is getting to the age where he hates to bathe or shower at all simply because it takes time out of his day. haha! Chloe and Jeremy still love to take baths and Gracia for the first time last night took a bath without crying. She had a good time! Not bad for a one week old! :) You have lots of great ideas, Ann! Hopefully one day bath time won't be so dramatic for you! And hopefully baby #3 will LOVE bath time!

  3. I hate to say it...but my Munchkins have the opposite problem! They NEVER want to get out of the tub! ;0) All 4 of them LOVE bath time! The only one we've had problems with is Jake when he get's his head rinsed. ;0) But he does much better now. I'm glad you are figuring out a bath time routine for them. :0) Thanks for linking-up for "Simply Homemaking" I'm encouraging everyone to use the button next week or use a word text linking back. Thanks in advance!
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  4. Ooh, I love the idea of putting shampoo on dry hair! My son (6) likes playing in the bath and is now pretty good at washing his body, but he usually makes a big fuss about hair washing. His dad came up with a trick that helps, though: He took a big plastic coffee canister (it's a bath toy!) and had Nicholas sit with it in between his back and the outside of the tub, facing the wall. That way when he leans his head back, his hair is pointing toward Daddy instead of away (easier to see when it's completely rinsed) but there's space behind him so the water doesn't get out of the tub.

    By the way, I almost closed your site without looking at it because your music is SO LOUD!!! Can you set the default volume lower or make it not play automatically?


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