Naughty Spurts

So I have a question - do your kids go through NAUGHTY Spurts? Mine do. I don't quite get it but then again I do. We'll be doing good and go for awhile without any or few blow-ups, rebellious attitudes, or just straight-up naughtiness. Now don't misunderstand, my kids do not go through this time in between as perfect little angels. They still take the normal guidance and reminders and occasional little "reminders." I'm talking about the BIG issues.

This past weekend was quite FULL of BIG issues. For example on Friday, I woke up to discover my kids had been up for a little while before daddy and I. They had been very busy at sprinkling the living room with Valentine cake sprinkles. EVERYWHERE. They didn't seem to be very penitent so we spent a VERY. LONG. TIME. picking them up ONE. BY. ONE. I don't think they will do that again.

Then on Saturday night my family was watching a movie together and the kids lost interest and went downstairs to the play room. Suddenly my mom intuition kicked in and I said "It's been awhile since I've heard the kids." So we snuck downstairs to see if we could find out what was keeping them so quiet. We were met by this mess.

If you can't tell what this is - these are the pieces of board games and card games and kids games and who-knows-what-all games. The kids experienced a little "reminder" and an early bedtime that night. So while daddy and I sent them upstairs to put on their pajamas, we started cleaning up and then tucked them in. Then I noticed that EVERY. SINGLE. KEY. of our piano had been colored on with a brown marker. This was NOT this way before we started cleaning up the games. Fortunately for my children they were already in bed at this point and my patience would have a chance to re-accumulate for a "discussion" with my children in the morning. So my hubbie and I went back downstairs to clean up the games. 

Needless to say my hubbie asked me why in the world I was taking pictures of this catastrophe. I firmly stated that someday my children would call me on the phone and explain to me what their kids have done to them. And I would pull out these pictures and just smile and probably cry because once upon a time, I was in their shoes and would love to go back to when they were little just for a little while. 

So while I bemoan the most recent NAUGHTY SPURT, I can't help but remember that someday I will miss these days and having these sorts of "problems." And I can remember to rise up and call my own mommy blessed. I don't want to know everything she had to go through in raising me and my siblings. I'm already getting the gist of it! 

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  1. I loved reading this one! And yes, we have naughty spurts too. :) That is a good idea to save the pics to show your kids when they have grandkids. I just might have to do that too.

  2. I love that you took pictures for the very reason of showing your children when they are parents!!! Ahh I have not had these messes in awhile but girl do I remember ALL the spills and huge messes they made! From eggs cracked all over the fridge and kitchen floor to cereal boxes be dumped all over the living room. I loved my vacumn those days!!! Trust me the phase will go away!!! ;0 You should link this to Humor Monday, it would be a good read for alot of mothers!!

    Have a blessed day!!

  3. Ah, yes! The games! haha. This has happened to me not once but twice! {Thanks to our 3rd Munchkin!} ;0) I think he finally learned his lesson. Although, I think your sprinkle incident tops everything off! WOW. {Must say though, I don't know if I would have been as patient, I probably would have finally pulled out the vacuum!} haha.


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