Bathroom Day!

Soooooo . . . I'm sure you've noticed, my blog has fallen away from the Heart and Home Challenge the last couple of days and needless to say my living room and bedroom and still in desperate need of some tender loving care. BUT now i'm back on the band wagon and going to attack my bathrooms today! YAY ok, honestly, not really because I DESPISE cleaning bathrooms. IT'S sooo gross! But, I love a fresh-smelling bathroom so I know it will be all worth it! To check up on the challenge visit Esther's blog. I'm loving her pictures of her clean home and they are very inspiring! So with no more dilly-dallying, I'm off to clean this. . .

and this. . .

In The Bathroom (s)

*Deep Cleaning
The bathrooms in my house practically need cleaned everyday in my house. With little boys, it's not an option! (Though, it doesn't get cleaned daily, I try!)

1. Gather rugs and wash.
2. Put everything away...(Hair items, lotions etc...)
3. Any dirty laundry, take to the laundry room.
4. Put toilet cleaner in toilet, to soak.
5. Sprinkle tub/shower and sink with commit (or whatever you use.)
6. Wash sink and counter top.
7. Scrub the tub/shower. (Don't forget the faucets, and empty any hair that might be in drain.
*8. Clean out your medicine cabinet/cupboard. (Throw out old medicine) Wipe out shelves.
9. Clean inside of toilet, then work on the outside. (Don't forget to get behind the toilet.) If you have little boys this tends to be the area that can't be missed! ;0)
10. Clean Mirror and windows.
11. Put clean rugs back down.
12. Mop floor.
13. Sit back and relax!
14. Revel in your gorgeous, beautiful smelling bathroom (s)

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  1. You can do it, girl! :0) I also hate cleaning bathrooms! The ending is worth it, though! Keep up the great work!


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