Day 5 of the Heart and Home Challenge

 YAY I accomplished another day! Here are my before pictures of my messy bathrooms! (In case you forgot!)

and here are the after pictures! 

Sorry I didn't have a before pic of my medicine cabinet - but it needed it! :-) 

here are the after pictures of my second bathroom/laundry room/storage room/ Utility room 
It's all clean and organized better now so NOW I'll show you pictures hee hee and you'll never know how bad it was! 

Notice how the medicine cabinet is now hanging and the sink is moved over - We bought the cabinet for $5 at a garage sale - :0) 
TADA!!! Oh happy me! 

So now today we're on to duhdundun . . . the KIDS ROOM! Now I need to provide a disclaimer. My kids room is never this dirty does not always get this dirty. It's very hard for me to keep this room clean at ALL. My little three year old and two year old are at that stage where mom needs to be encouraging every step of the cleaning process and usually it's just simply faster for mom to do it herself. They are definitely learning and learning well, but when scrunched for time and when I want it done the RIGHT way, MOM does it! :0). We've even taken the majority of their toys out of their room and put them in the toy room downstairs. That helped but as you can see, it still gets RATHER messy! Ok so with all of that in mind, here it is the BEFORE picture! 

Soooo here is my To Do list from Esther's site! And make sure you pop on over to see what she has to say about unexpected company - I love it! 


*Deep Cleaning

1. Take down curtains, wash if needed. 
2. Strip the bed, and put the sheets and blankets in the wash. 
3. Hang up any items of clothing, that need hung. Gather dirty clothes (put in hamper to wash)
*4. Gather clothes they don't wear anymore. (If it hasn't been worn in a year or two, donate it! (Throw away anything that needs to be dumped! Please don't donate your junk.) ;0) Sorry, just want of my pet peeves!
*5. Gather all knickknacks, and get them washed and dusted off.
6.  Deweb the room.
7. Gather all toys into a pile. Sort out and put away. (If you have A lot of toys, maybe have your children pick out a toy or two to donate.) Having them choose would be a way to teach them to care for others. (Teach them to give of their best, not the least favorite.)
*8. Gather a bucket with hot soapy water. Wash woodwork, trim and bases, (Walls if needed.) 
*8. Wash windows
9. Dust and polish all furniture - shelves, dresser tops etc...
*10. Rehang curtains, iron if needed.
11. Vacuum/Sweep/Mop (Depending on floor type.) 
12. Put clean sheets on bed, Fluff pillows and make it look nice.
13. Sit back, relax!
14. Revel in your BIG accomplishment! 

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  1. first visit to your blog! great music playing! cute house! good ideas :) thanks sister!



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