Heart and Home Clean Sweep Challenge Day 1

I am joining up with my friend, Esther in her Heart and Home Clean Sweep Challenge! I'm pretty excited about this challenge, not only do Esther and I share a lot of the same values about being a mom and homemaker but she is challenging me to get my house and my heart clean - something that all of us need to do on a REGULAR basis! It's easy for me to realize that my house needs cleaned, it stares me in the face almost everyday! But when it comes to the heart and it's cleanliness status, it's easier to ignore. So Day 1 is today and I'm already motivated to clean up my heart and home! Check out Esther's Day 1 challenge and see what she has to say.

The heart challenge today is to ask God to help me clean up my heart and my home this week. I think God has been preparing me for this challenge because if you remember in one of my recent posts that I've been learning about this very thing in my devotions lately. Esther emphasized the verse Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew in me a steadfast spirit." I love this verse as we're looking to clean up our hearts and our homes!

The home challenge is incredible! I almost laughed and said, ok what have I gotten myself into here!?! But, my home definitely needs a little kick in the cleanliness area so I really am looking forward to this even if it's a little more than I expected! Here is the list of chores for today!

Kitchen and Dining Area

* - Deep Cleaning

1. Turn on some music to get you in the groove of things
2. Open your blinds, let the light shine in (If it's a nice day, open some widows for some fresh air)
3. Pick up items on counter tops. Disperse and put away.
*4. Take down curtains and throw in the dryer or wash if needed
*5. Wash rugs
6. Wipe down cob webs
7.Fill sink with hot soapy water (This will need to be done a couple times.)
5. Empty dishwasher
6. Load dishwasher
7. Wash any dishes that need to be hand washed - Dry/Put Away
8. Wash off table and counter tops
*9. Wash off baseboards and window and door trim
*10. Wash windows
*11. Wash the outside of appliances, stove top and microwave, clean out the fridge (if necessary.)
*12. Wash cupboard door fronts
*13. Pull decorations off the walls, cupboard tops etc... wash and dust, and put them back in place.
*14. Organize Pantry, wash shelves if needed.
15. Scrub down sink, and shine
16. Sweep floor
17. Mop floor
*18. Put curtains back in place
19. Sit down, relax...
20. Revel in your accomplishment! :0)

How about that for a to-do list? Hee hee! To be honest, this is the perfect week to be taking part in this challenge because except for going to a church this weekend (which I'm very excited about!) for my husband to preach, I'm fairly free! Perfect! So here are my before pictures and my after pictures will come on tomorrow's post after I have finished the tasks! :-) I hope!

Here is my loverly dirty kitchen! Complete with a pile of bobby pins and my bouquet from returning from being the matron-of-honor at my best friends wedding last night and the huge pile of bananas that I bought for $0.29 waiting to be dehydrated. Not to mention the partially finished cake on the counter!

Here is our dining area - complete with dishes from the weekend - yes those are not from this morning! :-) If you would like to join in with this challenge link up at Esther's blog Our Simple Country Life! I know she'll be glad you did!

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  1. Looks pretty clean to me, already! ;0) Can't wait to see you accomplishment! Keep it up Ann! {esther}


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