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I've been busy selling books online today and I thought I would share some of the tricks to how I do it! I've made several hundred dollars selling books and video games online. First thing I do is I go through our books, games, DVDs and anything else that may bring a profit. Then I search the item on to find out what the price is for used items.

1. Purge your shelves, computer desk and entertainment center for unused games, DVDs, books or other media you haven't used in the last year or so. 

I've put textbooks, PC games that we've played one time, video games we bought but rarely used, books that I wanted to read but will probably never read again.

2. Search for the item you want to sell on or to see what your competition is. 

For example, if you're selling a Nancy Drew PC Game that you've played through one time, compare to other Used and like new products for the price.
3. If the item is going for a used price of $10 or more - put it up! (Anything lower I consider to be a serious waste of time!)

4. List your item on a website such as (my favorite!) or maybe ebay. 

You'll have to create an account first! Make sure you put as many details into your listing as possible. People like to know what they are buying. If it has a crease on it tell them. People take notice if you explain your product - they are more likely to receive exactly what you told them without any surprises. Tell them if there are any markings or highlighting in a book, if the instructions to a game are missing, if the box is torn etc. Keep your "customers" informed.

5. Make sure you monitor your email to see if your product has sold.

If it has not sold within a few weeks, Knock down the price a few dollars. Make sure your item is one of the lowest prices if not THE lowest.

6. Ship it! ASAP!!!

The quicker you ship it, the more likely they will appreciate the product! If you wait til the very last possible date to ship it, they will not be as happy. I usually send things the next day if possible and send it Media mail. It's the cheapest but if I'm on the ball they will still get it in plenty of time and sometimes within a couple of days!

I really enjoy doing this, it reaps lots of profits, not only do you get $$$$ but you also have declutterized and that always makes for a cleaner home too!

Let me know how it goes!

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