Books Under My Pillow

I love to read! From the time I was a little girl I have loved to read. I have tons of precious books that I have read over and over. I have many favorites! Since becoming a mom and taking on other responsibilities, my reading has included books like "I'll Love You Forever," "The Cat in the Hat," and "The Best Dressed Doll." I'm not complaining, in fact I love sharing my love of reading with my kids! A couple of days ago I sat on my daughter's bed and realized that there was something under her pillow. I lifted it up and lo and behold, there is a STACK of books! I asked Aimee why her books were under her pillow. She replied by saying "So I can read them to go to sleep!" I said "Ok, but why are they under your pillow and not in the book box?" Aimee looks at me like I'm crazy and said "So I don't get out of my bed mom!" I laughed so hard because she was right! If she got out of her bed to get the books she would have disobeyed mom and dad. The girl was simply planning ahead! If my mom is reading this I'm sure she is laughing because of another little girl who used to read books and hide them in unusual places for that perfect opportunity to have a good read! Well mom, it's payback time! But you know what? I don't mind it a bit!

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