Sam's Seminary Graduation

Is this a little belated? Yes, but so important in our lives it cannot be left out of my blogging world! My husband graduated from Seminary! This is no little feat! With a wife and two kids at home, Sam did an amazing job balancing school and family this past year. So when my husband was hooded at his Baccalaureate, it was a day of GREAT rejoicing in our home. 
Not only did Sam graduate but he was also awarded the "Dr. Bob Domokos Excellency in Preaching Scholarship." Now who is oh so proud of her hubbie?? If I was wearing suspenders, they would have popped! (Fortunately, I wasn't because that would have been really odd!!)
So to my wonderful husband Sam, I am so proud of you with your accomplishments this past year. With all of the ups, downs, tears, and pains I would not trade them for the lessons of love we have learned. For all of you who have walked this path of seminary or college with spouse and kids, you will understand what I mean when I say I never want to go through that again but I would never trade those lessons for the world. 
I love you darling! 

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