If Mom Had Been Riiiight There This Would Have NEVER Ever Happened #1

I'm starting a series on my blog! I've noticed several series on other people's blogs and I think they are really fun. Well here is my first! "If Mom had been riiight there - this would have NEVER ever happened!" Obviously I was inspired by my sweet, darling, wonderful, intelligent, HELPFUL little children. (did I make it clear I really DO love them with all my heart?)
I was in the bathroom (of course) getting ready for my day. The kids were at the table finishing their breakfast. I leave the bathroom and suddenly hear MASSIVE dripping noises. Like tons of rain only inside my house. I turn the corner to find - a once, completely full and now completely empty milk jug on the floor. My sweet, darling, wonderful, intelligent, HELPFUL little children had decided to refill Momma's glass with milk. Since their own cup was already filled with milk! One bath towel and 6 hand towels later - these are the pictures I took. It's going to be a wonderful day! Really I mean it! I already laughed at this misadventure - what else do I have to look forward to today? (I don't think I want to know!)
Momma's Glass, plate and bath towel!

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