Valentine's Day

Sam and I usually have an extra special day on Valentine's Day but because it is on a Sunday this year our plans were a little different so we celebrated last night. My hubbie gave me coupons! Yay! Things like a massage, clean the bathroom (which I immediately redeemed!), an hour to myself, clean the kids room, and others which I won't reveal here ;-) Needless to say it beat any flowers or chocolates far out of the water. Today we are somewhat snowed in and decided to stay home from church. I am disappointed because this is the second time I have made this AWESOME chocolate dessert and it has not made it to it's destination. The first time it met with a sad demise on the floor, pierced through with shards of glass from the dish that carried it. At least this time we get to enjoy it and not have to throw it in the trash (sniff*)- because it is sooooo yummy! Here is a picture of my wonderful chocolatey goodness and yes, it is BETTER than it looks! If that's possible.

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