CHRISTmas Story Acting!

This year we started a new tradition. Acting out the Christmas story! 

I am no supermom, the thought of crafts and elaborate plans intimidate me. But I wanted our kids to better understand WHY we celebrate Christmas. The books are great but most kids learn by doing. Instead of over-complicating things, I tried my hand at a simple play. 

Thankful for our southern weather, the backyard became a stage as we acted out the Christmas story! We started by watching the story online so they would get a better idea of what we were doing. 

We used this clip. It is beautifully done and perfect for all ages.

Then we pulled out some dress up clothes, got the help of a baby doll and a belt to have a “pregnant Mary” and then began the story! 

In our first “scene” we took a census. We took note of different items in our home to better explain the census that was ordered just before Jesus’ birth. Then “Caesar” (a.k.a me) ordered Mary (our 4 yr old) and Joseph (our 2 yr old...not pictured because she was always doing something crazy) to travel to Bethlehem on a donkey (a.k.a comments from the peanut gallery)

We first traveled to the “inn” (the outdoor playhouse). There was no room there so we then traveled to the manger (the baby trampoline) where baby Jesus was born (she has no idea how that really works yet). 

We rejoiced and sang songs and celebrated the birth of the King! We had imaginary wise men and shepherd's that came to visit baby Jesus. 

It was such a joy to see her better understand the story through our play. We didn't do every single detail with our four and two year old but for their age I think it was perfect! 

The whole thing took about a half hour. It was simple, and she has talked about it for days! Now when people talk about Christmas gifts she says, “We give gifts at Christmas because Jesus was the greatest gift of all! 

Share your thoughts, what simple and practical ways are you keeping Christ in Christmas?

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  1. What a wonderful idea. Such a special way to connect our little ones to Christ. Blessed!


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