Life In Our Fishbowl Link-Up and Our Love Story Part 6

I read the words,

 "And I just wanted to ask a big question, 
It is serious Ann, you didn't expect this today!"

I looked up slightly confused but yet hopeful and he pulled out a ring (a real one!) and said "Ann, will you marry me?" I was overjoyed and forgetting all about the ring I leaned over and wanted to do what was natural and hug him the way I had been doing. He was anticipating our first kiss and we totally bonked into each other face to face. The first kiss was definitely nothing spectacular unless you want to say it was memorable! As the day wore on, we definitely got it down just right! 

He put the ring on my finger and we were engaged. We had only been dating for eight weeks. But let me tell you ladies, when you KNOW that this man is the man that God has determined for you, you KNOW. You don't have to wait once you hit that point. And we didn't! 

22 weeks later on November 12th, we had the most beautiful and special wedding ceremony EVER. We spent a mere $3,000 for EVERYTHING - yes you can have a gorgeous cheap wedding. 

My daddy and me

The bridal party! 

We gave the guys "permission" to score our kiss :0) Only one of the guys had his nine upside down - but he fixed it! hee hee

Our best man decided to have a kissing basket because we were so broke - which we were! For money put into the basket - we kissed. We got $300 in that basket!! Funny thing was, we did not get tired of kissing!

By the way, there is a reason most people do not use rice at their weddings. It HURTS!!! Think little tiny ROCKS being thrown at you! 

Another memorable moment was we had to leave TWICE! On our way to our honeymoon, we realized that we had forgotten to sign the marriage license!! Oops! Had to do that!

So this it the end of the beginning - the continuations are still going on and I love my husband more now than I ever loved him on that beautiful memory day. I am such a blessed wife to have a man like I do. I wouldn't change him one bit because his shortcomings are defining and growing me and his strong points build up on my weak ones. Thank you for joining in on my love story! and thank you 

Sam Stringer 

for being my man! I love you forever and ever babe! 

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Love you all and I pray for my readers often! 

In HIS Grip, 


  1. Loved reading this so much! Those "awkward" moments are so funny to look back on. My husband and I hung out a lot as "friends," and when he finally asked me out, he went in for a hug, which I wasn't expecting, so yeah we had the worse hug ever that night. And the way he asked me out was so vague ("I like you and I want to keep doing things like this..." we had just gone to get some frozen yogurt, so I thought, you like me and you want to keep getting frozen yogurt?!). I wasn't quite sure he actually meant, "I want to date you" until a couple days later when he called me to plan our first date! guys are just funny sometimes. our wedding was very inexpensive too, and I still get compliments almost five years later! :o)

  2. Awww I loved your story!! :) Thank you for sharing it with us!

    I have a link-up question: My husband is an ordained Chaplain Asst. in the Air National Guard ~ am I welcome to link up here?

    Thanks & have a blessed day! :)

  3. Heather - absolutely!!! Chaplaincy is DEFINITELY ministry! I'd love for you to link up! The only thing I ask is that maybe you could put something permanent on your blog about it? I noticed you don't have a page that is about you - or maybe I'm missing it :0) That is where I usually look as proof that you are in ministry. Thank you for asking!

  4. I've had so much fun following your love story. And what a beautiful wedding - you all look so happy!

  5. Thanks Ann! I know, I've been meaning to do my About Me page for ages... :/ I actually started it yesterday, but couldn't figure out how to rotate my wedding picture lol. As soon as I get my husband to help me with it, I'll link up! :)

  6. Heather - please go ahead and link up! :0) You're fine!! Now that I've talked to you about it it's ok! :0)

  7. You've got such a great love story! Thanks for sharing! I got you beat on a cheap wedding though we spend less than 500$ on mine. LOL. Anyway, tried to link up this week, but it's not liking me this week, unless it's moderated and I just didn't notice before LOL


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