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Life in Our Fishbowl ButtonContemplating our freedoms this morning, I realized how thankful I am that my husband is a pastor in the United States. If he was a pastor in a persecuted country it could be very different for him.

In the United States . . .

I don't have to worry about my husband being reported for preaching. 

I don't have to wonder if my husband will make it home from work or not. 

I don't have to be leery of the visitors that come to our church and wonder if they are here for the wrong reasons. 

I don't have to think about visiting my husband in jail because of something he believes. 

I don't have to struggle with the sermon topics that my husband preaches because it breaks the law.

I don't have to hide my Bible on the way to church. 

So today I am very thankful for my country and the rights and privileges that my country provides. But I'm also thankful for the responsibilities that those rights and privileges demand.

In light of these privileges for being a pastor's wife in the United States, 

I should be thankful my husband has the job of being a pastor.

I should support him on Sunday by my presence and encouragement. 

I should never criticize the topics that he preaches. 

I should be proud to be a pastor's wife. 

I should delight when strangers enter our church. 

I should be thankful that my husband is safe and protected by the laws of our country. 

I'm sure there are many more things that pastor's wives in persecuted countries could tell me. But for now, I'm thankful for the United States and while She is not perfect, we are blessed to be a part of this GREAT Nation!
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