Few of My Faves: About Being a MOM!

A little late in the day today but here we go! Another list of FAVES! I like this list! Here are my Fave things about being a MOM!

1. I love the kisses and hugs that are spontaneously given to me and given back!

2. I love how my kids (at least right now!) think I am AWESOME!

3. I love how even after disciplining my kids, there's no one else they want a hug from more than mom.

4. I LOVE kissing boo-boos!

5. I love teaching my kids - whatever it is! Whether it's the words to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or how to flush the toilet!

6. I love the morning snuggles - or the sickie snuggles. VERY precious times!

7. I love watching my little ones grow up and change. Really I do love it! Sniff* Sniff*

8. I love sharing God's Word with them! Reading our devotional book every night and hearing them answer the questions about the Bible story is AMAZING!

9. I love my kids' daddy!

10. I love that God saw fit for ME to be entrusted with these beautiful lives to train and shape to become hopefully His children and then closer to the image of Christ. May I NEVER take that for granted!

Can you tell I love being a mom? I do! Now linky up your list of faves if you have them!

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  1. Beautiful list: I love all these things and more, too...motherhood is so awesome, truly it is! I am so grateful God has trusted me with my children's care here on Earth. Praise be to God!!

  2. Motherhood, it's simply a beautiful God planned thing. :0) Thanks for taking the time to share your favorites of motherhood! :0)

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