Recycling a Bridesmaid Bouquet!

 I was in my best friend's wedding a couple of months ago and she used artificial flowers for bouquets which were absolutely beautiful and gave mine to me as a gift. The colors did not exactly match my already existing home decor, so I decided to "recycle" it! Here's a picture of the bouquet and my materials that I used. A package of pens, some florist's tape and not shown, some hair clips and a hot glue gun. 

The first thing I made were these - I filled a watering can with black beans (you can also use coffee beans) and attached the pens to one single flower by wrapping the florist's tape firmly around the two inches of stem (Cut to size). Super easy! Then I just arranged them in my watering can and wah lah! 
Here's an up close of the pens. Now my pens are beautiful just like at the doctor's office! Hee hee! AND mine don't run away from me either! Love it!  

I only wanted white flowers on my pens and I had a few purple ones and a couple of white ones left over from this project so I did another one. I made hair accessories! This was super easy - all I did was take the flower off the stem and take the back piece off the flower. Then I hot glued the petals together so it wouldn't fall apart. Then I snipped off the small stem piece remaining and using hot glue, I attached it to a hair clip. They work great! They are a little large to use TWO in Aimee's hair but she had pigtails at the time so . . . I totally plan on using these for my hair once in a while too! 

Isn't this butterfly going to look cute stuck into a loose bun? :0) 

The reason I posted this NOW is because I am giving some of these to my nieces and my sister for Christmas  and I just finished them so I had to show them off! :0) It was pretty neat because all I threw away of the bouquet was the stems. Pretty thrifty if I do say so myself! 
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