If Mom had been riiiight there #2

So here it is #2 of my fantastic tales of being a mom. This morning we ran out of Cheerios. On purpose actually - it was destined to happen. All part of my endeavors to only serve gluten-free, corn-free, pork-free and too many to list-free, things out of our cupboards. Why you may ask am I doing this? Because after doing the diet explained on my blog post here, I feel fantastic! We're keeping this one as a life-style change. This may seem crazy to you and that's okay. But the kids are going to do it with us. It's a very healthy diet and I've decided that if we do the diet when we are home, then no big deal watching what they eat when we are somewhere else! So back to the Cheerios. We ran out and all that I had left was Grape nuts. Yes, Grape Nuts. I do not like these at all. My kids wanted more cereal so I gave them Grape Nuts. Then I took out the trash. Big mistake that was, taking out the trash. When I returned the Grape Nuts were everywhere. I asked Aimee why she had dumped her Grape Nuts all over the floor. She calmly replied "I didn't like them mom!" (Big surprise) "Why did you dump them on the floor?" Again just as calmly as before as though it was the most logical thing on the planet - "Because I wanted to put my strawberries in my bowl!" Ahhh it all makes sense now! Wait - "You did what?" Needless to say Aimee learned how to use the dust buster this morning. And we will probably throw out the Grape Nuts. Any takers?

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